The most interesting attractions in South America

Attractions in South America are among the most beautiful and amazing. Especially take attention of the beautiful and virgin nature, large waterfalls that are located in the high mountains, quiet and peaceful lakes and of course the numerous rivers and forests of this continent.

Including you in our program we offer you to experience the sense of discrete impact of the route, starting from the the fabulous Galapagos Islands to Costa Rica, which is said that anyone who has not seen it left without feeling that being deprived of something essential for our cheerfulness.

Fascinating history of colonial and postcolonial period.

Alternating sunk in reverie surreal towns, exotic Caribbean volcanoes of Guatemala attractions, arid scenery of the steppe bordering the freshness of the jungle, this creates unique experience and saturable in a particular way the senses.

It is hard to imagine the tour like this can offer to experience such a wide variety of emotions - all the most beautiful, bright, powerful, created the planet will be about you and among you during these magical days.

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Attractions in South America photo gallery

South America waterfall san rafael
South America waterfall
South America Galapagos Islands
South America Galapagos
Galapagos South America
South America rainforest
South America Lilies in lake
tropic in South America
South America tropical vilage
Forest in South America

Amazing attractions in South America

Spectacular volcanoes - active and extinct, to fit the landscape of the majestic mountains of the Andes, with its unique mildness and nature, especially flora and fauna Galapagos Islands, where, enjoying the slow rhythm of luxury cruise you will experience the warm Pacific Ocean and virgin beaches animals and prehistoric appearance will provoke your imagination.

Beautiful natural attractions in South America

Galapagos Islands may forever change the way your world perception. At times you think you are in a parallel world, and almost all organisms inhabiting the islands behave like human beings who flocked to watch them, do not exist. And does the image of the islands causes strange and unreal Association for those happy periods in the history of the planet before humans appeared. We will go into the transitional areas to the Amazon jungle in its most pristine part, one of the wildest and richest areas of endemism. We will continue north to Costa Rica, where after a fresh, streaming from obayaniet lush landscape and the volcanic scenery we will finish our tour with a short but full of unique experiences relaxation of the Caribbean. There are still remaining paradise corners on the planet where nature attractions in South America seems to have forgotten in its generosity: as landscapes, colors, sounds, life, endless sea, the freshness of the forests, streams and volcanic lakes. Other attractions in South America that tourists love to visit are: Machu Picchu - ancient city of the Incas in Peru in the 15th century. Iguazu Falls - a breathtaking panoramic view of every traveler glimpse of these majestic waterfalls, Lake Titicaca - a large lake between Natural attractions in Peru and Bolivian nature at high altitude.

Angel Falls - the tallest waterfall in the world. Water falls from 980 meters and the bottom of the waterfall water is mostly steam.

Laguna Colorada - National Reserve in the Andes on the border between Bolivia and Chile. Beagle canal - crossed the width Arzhenitina and Chile. You will have many fine attractions in South America, especially for people who love sailing and photography.

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