Eight most beautiful attractions in Alaska

For people who love raw nature and wildlife, rather than luxury resorts, attractions in Alaska are the perfect place for them. The attractions in this vast land are truly spectacular. For example, you are traveling by train to " Alaska Railroad " from Anchorage to Fairbanks and Anchorage to Whittier. The train stops in Talkeetna and Denali Park. The route is very scenic and reveal some of the most beautiful attractions in Alaska. Another attraction that we recommend to visit is Gleysha Bay. Rent a boat and explore some of the glaciers that surround the bay. Some are about 60 meters high and diagonally slice into the waters of the bay. Years ago, glaciers and other places in Antarctica occupied the entire area of the bay, but now tends to retreat, which is good for the animals and it is one of the attractions in Alaska.

The best way to see the natural beauty and attractions in Alaska is like buying a ticket for an Alaska cruise .Nature in Alaska is very beautiful and amazing.In the park Kenan you can taste the wild fruits that usually ripen in summer. Rent a canoe on a lake Swan or river Swanson. Amazing nature in Alaska can check high because this is a great opportunity to enjoy some of the more remote lakes. If you are lucky you may see moose, wolves and even bears. Bookmark and Share

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The most visited attractions in Alaska

The crystal clear water in the summer come whales, sea lions and dolphins. Besides the boat, you can rent helicopter or on foot.

Another interesting destination in Pribilof Islands are the Bering Sea. Populated with the aleurone layer, which pripitavat to hunt fur seals they sell.

In recent years some of the aleurone layer are turning to tourism as a willing offering shelter and food, and walk to some hard to reach places on the islands. –ěther attractions in Alaska is Sheep Mountain or transfer mountain sheep. So called because debelorogite Rams in the Rockies, whose coat glistens in the sun and is visible from miles away.

Climb to the mountain hut where a telescope to monitor the rugged mountain slopes. Visit also Misty Fjords whit Alaska cruise, which are the most humid areas landmarks of North America with nearly 400 cm. rain annually.

The slopes of the fjords are formed during the Ice Age, some near 1,000 meters high. The peaks are attractions in Alaska often veiled in mist and the slopes are covered with evergreen vegetation (spruce, fir, cedar and ttsuga). On the territory of Alaska has several national parks.

These are Kenan Fjords, Denali, Gates of the Arctic, Katmai park and others. All are very well preserved because rangers is very good. It takes a special permit to enter to attractions in Alaska , as well as an accompanying guide. These recommendations apply mostly to climb the highest peak in Alaska and North America - Mount McKinley (6193m.) - one of attractions in Alaska. Summer months when conditions are visited most favorable to your family can spend unforgettable holidays in nature in Alaska. Let us not forget the Yukon River, which many people associate it with the gold rush in 1880-1900, the hosts will explain and demonstrate the technology for extracting gold from the river. For more tourist attractions click here ...

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