Top 10 attractions of Armenia

Incredibly interesting and fascinating attractions in Armenia for the curious visitor to present you in the next article. Some of them are included in the global Asian tourist attractions. Armenia is a mountainous country in the Caucasus Mountains of Southwest Asia. Border and passes west to attractions in Turkey and to the north by Georgia and landlocked. Other neighboring countries to the east by Azerbaijan and Iran to the south. Armenia is a very ancient country established back in the 6th century BC and was the first country in the world officially adopted the Christian religion in 301, this beautiful country has a rich cultural and architectural heritage.

Preserved many cathedrals, churches and monasteries during the Golden Age of Armenia X-XI century example in the capital Yerevan is Matenadaran library, which has one of the richest manuscripts in the world. Visit the park Tamanian a rich collection of sculptures, the Republic Square Monuments Andranik Ozanian and Stepan Shahumian and statue of Alexander Tamanian. People are very friendly and smiling, they will predispose you to try the local cuisine that is truly delicious. Bookmark and Share

Top attractions of Armenia photo gallery

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Azat river Armenia
Armenia churches
Armenia cathedral
Armenia temple Garni
Etchmiadzin Holy Armenia
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Armenia Monastery Tatev
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Architectural tourist attractions of Armenia

The terrain is mountainous, as the country is located in the Lesser Caucasus and the high Armenian Plateau. You could say that Armenia has a great wealth of water resources, ranging from Lake Sevan 1900 meters above sea level, which accounts for over 80% of the fresh-water supply and ending with her ​​Araks River tributary section. The climate is continental - cold winter and hot summer.

Spectacular cultural attractions of Armenia

What are the most visited attractions of Armenia. Firstly these are its monasteries, monastery Geghard, Garni temple over the river Azat - badly damaged after a major earthquake, Holy Etchmiadzin, Garni Temple and Sanahin and the cathedral "St. Gregory.

"Very interesting attractions of Armenia over the past few years is Tatev monastery, which was built in the 9th century in Syunik. It is located 280 km. from Yerevan and can be reached with the help of the longest cableway in the world built in 2010. At the entrance to the Azat Valley, surrounded by rock cliffs is the famous monastery Geghard.

These are a few churches and tombs carved in the rocks. The whole complex is a kind of masterpiece of Armenian architectural and cultural prosperity in the Middle Ages. It is protected by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of Armenia. Make sure to visit the ruins at the archaeological site of Zvartnots and churches of Ejmiatsin.

Proved to have beneficial effects on the development of architecture at the time. For lovers of mountain walks offer visiting many famous canyon Debed.

If you travel by car, we recommend you go through Selim Pass, which in the past served as a caravan transporting goods from the East (the Silk Road).

Give yourself to you and your family a wonderful walk with landmarks of Armenia.

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