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At 1300 km west of the European mainland is nature Azores. This is a Portuguese autonomous archipelago with beautiful scenery, with rocky volcanic terrain, green hills and great views from the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Many travelers visit the island to tell them, that an old-fashioned piece of attractions in Europe, complete with a small and quiet places, with a thriving fishing industry. Nature Azores are a big attraction, which occurs very rarely in other islands.

They are monitoring the migration of whales. Just along the shores of the archipelago can glimpse sperm whale, blue whale and killer whale. The view is complemented by the frequent occurrence of dolphins. It is recommended that this to make in time from May to September.

The biggest tourist attractions azores are sities historic capital Angra do Heroísmo, legislative capital Horta, regional administrative capital Ponta Delgada, Ribeira Grande and Praia da Vitória. Nature Azores impresses with its extinct volcanoes.

Local scenery, combining a deep black lava, blue lakes filled craters forth tame the fiery monsters, rage colors of hibiscus and hydrangea all here celebrates nature, not domesticated by human. Tourist destinations is Sao Miguel, which is the capital of the archipelago, Ponta Delgada. Bookmark and Share

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Nature Azores migration of whales

The town will fascinate you with its rich architectural heritage and fascinating natural scenery around the island. Old district of São Pedro has a rich menu of traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Meat specialties is grilled shrimp with pineapple and stew of mixed seafood.

Half-day trip from Ponta Delgada you can see tourist destinations the exclusive nature of Sete Cidades. Located northwest of the capital.

Nature Azores - peace and tranquility

This is a massive volcanic crater with a circumference twelve kilometers. In its center lies the Lago Verde (Green Lake) and Lago Azul (Blue Lake), took their names from the color reflection of the sky.

The meat tour operator offers a scenic walk along the edge of the crater. For two hours you will walk and will make very nice pictures of the area.

If you do not like group tours can easily rent a jeep and walk in the crater alone. Another tourist attractions azores are greenery and flowers.

According to the assessment of local guides, they likened Nature Azores as "green prison".

Inside the environment and nature Azores breathes a quiet and solitude and the future of tourism in the archipelago. I hope it does not harm this picturesque spectacular rock figures and place on Earth. The islands are located at the Atlantic Anticyclones Generally, which, together with Gulfstream provide relative temperature equilibrium throughout the year. In January, temperatures are around 14 degrees in June - 20. The water is about 21 degrees. Often called paradise island archipelago of the Atlantic because amazingly beautiful landscape and clean nature.

A lot of people to this day believe that these islands are what is left of our missing Atlantis. A scuba divers descend constantly to seek ancient artifacts from a long stricken mythological civilization. For more tourist attractions click here ...

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