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Bahamas tourist attractions, archipelago of rich people

Bahamas tourist attractions are some of the most desirable to visit from rich tourists around the world. The Bahamas are the largest in the Caribbean near U.S. state of Florida. Archipelago has coral character, its altitude is several meters.

For this reason hurricanes often come from the Atlantic Ocean create many problems to the population.

When the solar disk slowly descend behind the horizon, do not miss the best sunset on Earth - that of the Bahamas.

Bahamas nature, its beautiful beaches and tropical vegetation are desired destination for every visitor. Approximately thirty islands are inhabited, including Grand Bahama, North Bimini, Great Abaco, New Providence, Russell, Little Abaco, Morse Island and others. The Bahamas nature is incredible - lush tropical vegetation, palm trees and mangroves, combined with stunning beaches.

Coral cays allow divers to enjoy the fabulous water kingdom and crystal clear ocean water. Actually, these are islands that Christopher Columbus first visited. Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and the main center of the archipelago. Bahamas tourist attractions are many and various . Bookmark and Share

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Bahamas nature Rise aerial
Bahamas nature Aerial of Exuma
Bahamas wonderful beaches
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Bahamas islands of exuma
Bahamas nature lagoon
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Bahamas nature destinations hotels
Nassau capitol in Bahamas
Bahamas Nassau panorama

The main revenue comes from tourism country, that is why the standard of living is quite high. Each year, nearly 2 million tourists visit this paradise of nature. As the island nation is very close to the U.S. is of great interest to investors.

Amazing journey in bahamas tourist attractions

Rich Americans even have the opportunity to buy a whole island to get away from major shopping centers.

This is especially true for the Bimini islands which are closest to the most beautiful Landmarks of North America. The most famous hotel, which is the emblem of the island is an island paradise, and said "Ocean Club".

Most popular Bahamas tourist attractions

There are many films that show exactly this resort as the benchmark for luxury and high standard. Kitchen of the hotel is the best of the Bahamas. Other interesting Bahamas tourist attractions is Long Island. The island is relatively calm, although in the past pirates often are oriented and stayed here. Even a legend of hidden treasure.

Local people are living with fishing. Even young children are able to harpoon to catch crabs that are truly a delicacy for tourists on the island. Visit the pink beaches of Harbour Island, 5 km long. and the only town on the island city of Dunmore.

The Bahamas will see tall buildings. It has kept New England architectural style and houses a small population and low. During the last years has a large increase in the construction of luxury houses, which partly removes the romance of the islands. Another interesting Bahamas tourist attractions is fishing tourism. View photos on the website to make sure the beauty of the Bahamas tourist attractions.

Visit Bahamas nature and the cave'' Titus Hole'', which was once a prison and a wonderful place for snorkelers and divers known as "Current Cut Dive".

Nassau is the most economically developed city of the Bahamas. Do not worry about your luggage, because most of Bahamas tourist attractions are guarded very well. For more tourist attractions click here ...

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