Fabulous landmarks in Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean

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Beautiful and unique landmarks in Balearic Islands pearl of the Mediterranean, which were written many books and magazines. Balearic Islands are a very popular destination for tourists from England and Germany. Standards in these countries is very high and that these beautiful islands are occupied by citizens of these two highly developed countries.

If you want to spend an unforgettable holiday in the Balearic Islands and relax at will, simply pack your luggage and reserve places in the most beneficial for you at this autonomous administrative region of Spain attractions . Actually there are four Balearic Islands - Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera. Located in the western part of the Mediterranean, which in the past were Arabian Halifat.

There are enough remains of Arab culture and architecture of the Balearic archipelago. Capital and main administrative center is the city of Palma de Mallorca. Town full of romance, beautiful scenery and many monuments. What can we go if you are on holiday in Palma de Mayorka. First of all Gothic cathedral "La Seu", it is the symbol of the city. Built in the Gothic style at the idea of King James I of Aragon. Bookmark and Share

Landmarks in Balearic Islands photo gallery

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Bellver Castle in Mallorca
Formentera island in Mediterranean
Ibiza in Mediterranean
Menorcaisland in Mediterranean
menorca lagoon
menorca gulf
Sao Tome Obo park
La Seu Cathedral mallorca
Gulf of Menorca
Torrent de Pareis perfect beach

Incredibly landmarks in Balearic Islands

From Gothic cathedral is a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Parc de la Mar. Another attraction in Palma de Mallorca is Bellver Castle.This is a medieval castle stretches over a huge area with several round towers. Served for a military prison during the Civil War and is now open to visitors from around the world. Do not miss the "Cave of the Dragon" and admire the rock formations stalagmites and stalactites and largest underground lakes in the world.

For loving couples we offer an amazing holiday at a beach picturesque Torrent de Pareis. You will feel the magic of exotic and Mediterranean. Besides cathedral, mondrago natural park, ancient palaces and crowded streets of Palma de Mallorca, of not less interesting are the narrow stone streets and ancient houses around them. The next in size island, but not less beautiful island of Ibiza. There's so many historical sites to visit, but there are many places for people who like fun and nightlife.

For example nightclubs are Privilege, Es Paradís, Amnesia, Café del Mar and many others. The smallest of the Balearic Islands, but no less beautiful island of Formentera is perfect for a family romance. Located south of the island and the other three dimensions even be quite small, it is a favorite place for people with voluntary spirit, love of sailing and privacy - Ayetes beach.

There is no loud parties and crowds of tourists, but peace and quiet Mediterranean Sea. The most northerly of the Balearic Islands is Menorca. This island is an ideal choice for a holiday of people looking for peace and tranquility. Menorca remains aside from loud parties and parties of Mallorca and Ibiza. In fact, Menorca is the greenest and most friendly island of the Balearic Islands and the whole Mediterranean.

It is easy to walking around with a wheel for even equal its land and low altitude. Hill Monte Toro is the highest spot height 358 meters only. As you climb on it to see the whole island of Menorca hand. The largest cities are Ciutadella and Mahon.

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