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Main tourist attractions in Bali

At the heart of Indonesian nature is undoubtedly the most interesting and visited global attractions in Bali . It is a tropical island, which lies almost on the equator known for its rich history, many pagodas and temple complexes, beaches and interesting for tourists and exotic culture of the local population. Attractions in Bali are mostly fine temples. Not accidentally Bali is called the "Island of a thousand temples."

The most famous are: Temple Pura Kehen, which is located in Bangui, Pura Taman Ayun or the land of the Supreme God, who is situated in Mengvi, Temple Uluwatu - is interesting for its location on a cliff 100 meters high, especially for the gods of water.

Goa Gajah Temple is located in a cave, but the entrance was placed a huge head of an elephant, hence the name "elephant cave". The capital and largest administrative center is the city of Denpasar. The area of ​​Bali is too small, only 5633 km2 and can be toured on the coastal road easy and convenient. The highest point is an extinct volcano Agung - 3 142 m, which can easily be climbed even unprepared tourists.

Other large cities with interesting attractions in Bali are port Singaraja, Ubud is famous for its handicrafts and the largest cultural center of the island. Bookmark and Share

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Amazing vacation in Bali attractions

Main tourist attractions in Bali are the cities Seminiyak, Sanur, Kuta and Jimbaran and reconstructed city of Nusa Dua. The main sanctuary for the population is mother temple Pura Besakih. Are organized around 70 festivals in honor of the many gods that keep Bali from natural disasters.

Incredible vacation among the attractions in Bali

On Lake Bratan is the second most important temple Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, which was renovated in the early XIX century, as it was destroyed by the volcano Batur. For information only, let's add that if you decide to see all the temples in Bali, know that this is impossible.

Besides tourism rest of the population is engaged in fishing and agriculture. The main crop is rice. To visit the most interesting attractions of Bali is quite expensive, but worth it to do it at least once in their lives. Not accidentally this exotic premier destination among the world's leading tour operators. Some even call it a dream come true.

Even ten-day holiday in Bali will not enough to explore the main tourist attractions in Bali. A thought for all the rich tourists, starting from the beachside attractions and all sorts of water sports, to the pleasant trips to the mainland to visit the rice plantations in the jungle and a few active volcanoes. The landscape of Bali is varied. There is a mountain range Gunung Agung, which collects 6 volcanoes along the Bali.

In the southwestern part of the island of Bali has valleys and coastal coral reefs and underwater caves. The beaches are very convenient for tourism because of its fine sand and tropical climates. There is no need to look for expensive resorts for accommodation, because Bali offers a wide range of bungalows and villas at very affordable prices. The most important thing is to feel the exoticism of this ancient attractions in Indonesia.

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