Attractions in Barbados remote island destination for lovers

Attractions in Barbados are in the Atlantic Ocean in the territory of the Lesser Antilles and are one of the most sought attractions of Antilles.

Only 34 km in length and 23 km in width it is a major tourist attraction in the region. Modest living area of ​​431 sq km in the past played an important role Barbados may not be captured immediately after opening of the great naval powers such as Spain, Portugal and England.

Its favorable to the southeast Caribbean protect it from the frequent storms that rage there. That's why in 1624 when English settlers arrived, they like the island so much that two years later the island of Barbados was owned by Britain.

The climate is very favorable for tourism during the months of December to May. During the rest of the year, as the island is tropical rainfall is plentiful and humidity is high.

East coast is rocky, but at the expense of the west coast is favorable for the beach, the sand is fine and white, the water is pleasantly warm and crystal clear.

Barbados Hillaby peak is the highest point in Barbados, only 340 meters. Bookmark and Share

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Attractions in Barbados, Bridgetown city

The entire island is surrounded by coral reefs that protect the coast from large waves of the Atlantic. Barbados is densely populated primarily by black African Americans and some Europeans and Americans. Apart from sugar cane people make their living by fishing, but in recent decades and tourism. Many of the monuments of culture in Barbados like tourist attractions in Europe.

The fig tree is a symbol of Barbados and the capital and largest city is an administrative Bridgetown. Here you can walk along the main street of the city and explore the ancient Gothic buildings from the Victorian era - Parliament and the clock tower. To be more specific the greatest impact in the architecture of this small country have Spain attractions.

A perfect replica in Trafalgar Square, but in a smaller size of the same name is actually the square of the national heroes of Barbados. Other interesting attractions in Barbados are Farley Hill Park are suitable for diving underwater park "Folkestone" the oldest buildings in the New World St. Nicholas Abbey and Castle Lord Himself.

Make your gift and enter the Harrisons Cave, which is the largest in the region of the Caribbean. Since the terrain of the island is mostly flat, and here are the most beautiful and comfortable golf courses in the world. Do not miss a walk along the quiet beaches of this island paradise.

Here you can practice water sports and sailing, as well as barbados people favorite sport - cricket. Imagine lying on the beach under a palm tree in the shade and drink its refreshing cocktail to the sounds of rhythmic Latin American music. And when it's cool evening to dance freely in coastal facilities, which are abundant on the west coast.

Treat you and your loved one to heart an unforgettable romantic holiday, you will surely remember for the rest of your life, and why not to repeat this wonderful experience.

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