The most important Beaches in Algarve

Beaches in Algarve Portugal, the southernmost area of ​​this European country with an incredibly picturesque coastline. The idea to rest this year there came a bit spontaneous after I decided I would not be able to find cheap tickets for Madeira.

Because, anyway, the subject was Portugal, where we would have liked most for a sea holiday. I'm not sorry at all, because at the moment these beaches are at the top of my list and Madeira certainly will visit her someday! If the purpose of the trip is only a break in this part of beaches in Portugal, there are many airports in Europe that can reach the main city of Faro.

There are many towns on the coast where it is worth to stay because, as I have already said, the whole coastline is interesting. We were looking for the cheapest possible option and found it in Portimão. I do not think, in Europe in such a place, how much money we would get!

The location of the hotel can not be said to be one of the best (if you are with a car, there is also free parking) - about 15 minutes walk from the center, about 2 kilometers from Praia da Rocha, but we never planned to visit this beach.

The town of Portimão itself did not really impress me, it even faded quite a lot in the evening, but given the fact that we were going around all day, we did not have any powers for evening excursions. If someone is looking for a nightlife, perhaps Praia da Rocha is the best. It's great if you can rent a car and walk around the coast, we did not, so we had to rely on urban transport, which I honestly do not consider very regular ! Bookmark and Share

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Natural Beaches in Algarve

Praia do Alvor - a big, faceless beach that did not impress us with anything, we did not even stay on it, but that's not the way you're going left. You get out of here and you find yourself on Praia dos Três Irmãos. Not that there were fewer people here, but there were also more peaceful places, as well as many beautiful arches in the rocks that pass from one beach to another!

From there you can find quite interesting places to visit. Most of the described beaches are public - with pubs, toilets, umbrellas, etc., but there are always so many places to be found by hiding somewhat on the rocks. The next day we went to the right stop - Praia do Vau.

We immediately headed to the rocks to find a more secluded place. And unbelievably we found it - a real cave where we were just us. Well, there were passing people from time to time. To the right of our cozy place is another public beach - Praia dos Alemães.

There are wonderful views from above! And here we found our favorite beach! I was just glad to see how beautiful she is and how there are no people who go naturally to the neighboring beach! And there is a real jewel! No pictures or words can describe how beautiful and exotic the live place! Somewhere there, most tourists, fortunately, do not even suspect the existence of this place! One day we decided to jump to the neighboring city of Lagos.

The town is much more enjoyable than Portimão. The beaches are very similar to Portimão, we visited two of them.Praia do Pinhão. One day we made a long walk from Praia do Vau, passed through Praia Dos Três Castelos and reached Praia da Rocha. No idea I have no beach what it says, but everywhere there are beautiful rock formations! Last day the weather was cloudy, but we could not miss it, so we headed our usual route to our favorite beach, which I do not even know the name! Just to warn that the ocean has a great tide, so if you decide to be alone on a beach, it's good to know if the water is flowing from the place you've been through or you just have to wait for a tide to come. At this beach, for example the tide was flooding and it was impossible to leave before 6 pm.

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