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Although it is a small country attractions in Belgium have an important role on the European stage. The rich history of this country and gives a lot of interesting places to visit of the numerous tourists. Every year over 3 million visitors pass through the major attractions in Belgium. The country is known for its chocolate, beer, fries, waffles and lace and a few tourist attractions.

Castle Gravensteen - very well preserved medieval castle in Ghent in Flanders field. During medieval times the city has played an important role as a trading port. The castle was built in the late twelfth century by Count Philip of Alsace, who was involved in one of the Crusades, it dies. This castle is the main attractions in Belgium in the region - one of the few.  Donjon Tower  has Cross, which is a testament to past participation in the count Crusades. Climb up and enjoy the marvelous view from the tower.

For lovers of nature and ecotourism offer bike ride with the most beautiful natural attraction of the Belgium Ardennes exquisite.

Castle Het steen antwerpen - another interesting attractions in Belgium, located near Antwerp or right in the old part. Antwerp itself is defined in the past, noble capital of Belgium. Bookmark and Share

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Most popular attractions in Belgium

The city's port is the second in Europe after Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Stan Castle was built between 1200 and 1225 and is the oldest building in the city. The literal translation means rock . In the Middle Ages (over 500 years) has been in prison until 1827. Currently, the castle was converted into a maritime museum and a museum of archeology.

In recent years, Bruges became a hit with tourists and a major tourist attractions in Belgium. The very appearance of the city with its canals and quiet atmosphere attracts visitors from all over Europe and North America. The facades of the houses are very well preserved, though built recently. Ne forget to visit church of "Our Lady" known for the highest peak in Europe, bricks and other sights of Bruges are Groeninge Museum (Groeninge Museum), the Basilica of "Holy Blood" (Heilige Bloed Basiliek) and others.

From another perspective most cities in Belgium carry the spirit of the attractions in the Netherlands and in general attractions in Europe.
Brussels - European city with bilingual French and Dutch speaking communities, home of many European cultures. Cultural attractions in Belgium gathered in Brussels are:

Cathedral "Saint Michel and Gudyul" built in the late Gothic and Romantic style galleries "Saint Hubert" - the oldest indoor shopping market built in 1847. You can easily sit and drink your coffee in a café or restaurant. In the walk can also include Royal House - Neo-Gothic style palace which houses the City Museum, the church Notre-Dame du Sablon, from the twelfth century church Notre-Dame de la Chapelle, Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Musical Instruments. Palace of Leopold II (1835-1904) a masterpiece of its time looking at the Royal Park. If you like the models we suggest you look at Mini Europe park occupies an area of ​​five drives. There are more than 300 models in 1:25 scale from 15 European countries.

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