Monasteries in Bulgaria - cultural heritage through the centuries

For the 1300 year Monasteries in Bulgaria has a lot to write, but these cultural monuments are a testament to her spirit and greatness. In the past monasteries in Bulgaria were under the tutelage of kings and lords, while nowadays they have become a real tourist attraction for the Bulgarian population and for the curious tourists. Here we present ranking of the 10 largest and most famous monasteries in Bulgaria.

Rila Monastery - the largest and most visited monasteries in Bulgaria, built in 10th century by Ivan Rilski and his followers. It was declared a historic monument in 1976, and in 1983 was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Monastery of Bachkovo - the second most important monastery in the country, built around 1083 by the Georgian Gregory, who was mayor at the time of the Byzantine emperor Alexius Comnenus. The monastery church was built in 1604 and is the iconostasis of the 17th century.

Troyan Monastery - the third largest monasteries in Bulgaria, founded in the 17th century by the hermit monks of the monastery on Mount Athos, which carry a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary. Bookmark and Share

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Glozhenski Monastery
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Rilski Monastery
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Bachkovski Monastery
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Cherepishki Monastery

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Here, the national hero of Bulgaria Vasil Levski organized a secret revolutionary committee, with abbot Macarius. Preobrazhenie Monastery - located in the old capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, founded during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. In the beginning was the convent and in 1360 was released and became an autonomous monastery. Great help in the construction is due to the second wife of Tsar Ivan Alexander - Sarah, who donated a lot of money for the renovation and repair of old structures.

Rozhen Monastery - it was mentioned in a Greek manuscript of the 13th century. During the Ottoman invasion was burned and later restored, and was for many years a Greek property owners. He was a convent of Iviron Athos monasteries, in 1912, was returned to Bulgaria after the Court of Arbitration in Hague. This monastery is one of the most interesting the Eastern Christian attractions in Greece.

Dryanovo Monastery - is connected directly to the people's struggle for national liberation. He has been sheltered Turnovo Central Committee during the April uprising. It was built in the 17th century on the site of the old monastery building burned down.

Boyana Monastery - located at the foot of Vitosha mountain - near Sofia. Tsar Kaloyan in 1259 renewed the old church and a bunk room for the monks. Outbuilding painted by Boyana master of biblical scenes and faces of the holy martyrs. Due to the proximity of the monastery with Boyana Sofia, the interest of tourists is high.

Kilifarevo Monastery - located 10 km. from Tarnovo founded in 1348 with the support of Tsar Ivan Alexander. Shortly before the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule there were 460 students. Kalifarevski monastery was the center of the literary school and was a student here Patriarch Euthimius of Tarnovo.

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