Major tourist attractions in Chile

Obviously tourist attractions in Chile are known worldwide and especially in the summer months in the southern hemisphere are much visited. Chile, the country of volcanoes, mountains, and generally the most varied relief. This is the longest and more narrow area of the Earth, and this is entirely due to the Andes in Bolivian nature. 4300 km long and 180 km wide only. Nature Chile covers almost all geographical zones. It is divided into five areas, which include Coastal Cordillera, Longitudinal Valley and of course the Andes. Since the distances are too great for tourists' time will be difficult to patrol the major attractions along the whole territory. It is better to focus only on one or two tourist attractions in Chile, namely:

Norte Grande do Norte Chico and the - a lot of territory in this nature Chile is desert (Atacama) here is the Altiplano plateau in the snowy peaks of the Andes - Norte Grande.

Further south are the fertile river valleys of the Valle del Elqui - the breadbasket of Chile. Atacama Desert is rich in many minerals (gold, silver, copper, manganese, etc..)

And therefore there are many small towns that are their livelihood. Interest to tourist attractions in Chile and the national parks Lauka Volkan-Isluga.

Near the border with Bolivia lies Lake Chungara, above towering volcanoes twin-Payachatas Pomarope and Parinakota. Bookmark and Share

Top 10 tourist attractions in Chile photo gallery

Chile Atacama landscape
Chico Sur in Chile
Lago Todos in Chile
Chile lagoon San Pedro
Norte Grande in Chile
Patagonia area in Chile
Patagonia in Chile
Chile Patagonia national park
Chile Patagonia high mauntain
Chilean national park

The most visited tourist attractions in Chile

If you are fond of luxury holiday offer extensive beaches of La Serena. In the central zone Sur Chico's capital Santiago with its modern skyscrapers, located on two hills Santa Lucia and San Cristobal. Don't miss the Chilean carnivals that are very much like Argentine festivals. This area has the most moderate climate and resorts here are the most preferred by visitors (Vina del Mar) in the country. Visit the most picturesque tourist attractions in Chile harbor side - Valparaiso.

Cruise and trip to tourist attractions in Chile

Sur Chico is Lago Todos los Santos - the most beautiful in the nature Chile, according to guides and tour operators. From the town of Puerto Montt Nako can catch a boat to make a romantic trip to the islands of Chile and San Rafael Lagoon. Part of this area include the famous Patagonia region. Big South offers a wide selection of impenetrable virgin forests, deep cut fjords and glaciers formed thousands of islands. Magallanes province in the south is another tourist attractions in Chile where the national park Torres del Paine with its amazing granite towers.

Punta Arenas is the starting point of almost all expeditions to Interesting places in Antarctica.

According to National Geographic greatest interest to represent Chile Easter Island with its mystical stone statues that to this day surprised many scientists from all over the world. Cities in the country Valparaiso is the most interesting tourist attractions in Chile. The city is very beautiful and a great variety of architectural landmarks. Near Valparaiso is largest resort of Vina del Mar center. Be sure to visit the monument of Captain Arturo Pratu downtown Square Sotomayor.

Other impressive tourist attractions in Chile are: Catholic Cathedral, Parliament House, Port Muele Pratt Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural Science and the picturesque Victoria Square fountain. For more tourist attractions click here ...

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