Fiji attractions a memorable experience

Between Melanesia and Polynesia, India and the Pacific, Fiji attractions brings together tradition and modern world in a unique combination.

Here you will find luxury resorts and hotels, historic sites, surfing and diving, another attraction is the island tour by small plane, bus or boat.

Archipelago consists of 322 islands of which 216 are uninhabited due to lack of drinking water or too little space. Sunny, unique and intact, Fiji attractions are one thousand miles of pure white sand, lovely coral gardens and blue lagoons ...

According to the legends of the great Fijian chieftain Lutunasobasoba passed with people across the sea to the new land of Fiji. And most scientists agree with the idea that local people came here from Southeast Asian tourist attractions via Indonesia. Europeans discovered the islands accidentally in the XVII century.

The first visitors from the continent there were shipwrecked and escaped Phenomena of Australia convicts. Sandalwood traders and missionaries began later to visit the islands. The pure kindness and hospitality of the locals are just legendary and often show visitors to Fiji attractions as the most memorable experience here. Bookmark and Share

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Romantic holiday for lovers whit Fiji attractions

Swept away in the South Pacific islands have escaped the unpleasant effects of the industrial revolution. Moreover spared from dangerous animals, poisonous snakes and spiders and deadly malaria. Fiji attractions are an archipelago in the Koro Sea in the South Pacific Ocean about 2100 kilometers from New Zealand. rchipelago consists of 332 islands, but only 100 of them are inhabited. This island is the most preferred by tourists.

Extremely interesting parts of the local culture are music and dancing. Nature in Fiji attract many tourists to the islands. If you are interesting customs, traditions and crafts of local people do not forget to visit Fiji attractions and the National Museum of Fiji as explore them in detail. Fiji attractions offers unique conditions for those who love diving.

The exclusive variety of life in the reefs of Fiji is truly astounding. There will be a dream come true for your calm quiet place to swim in the sparkling blue waters of the ocean. Nature in Fiji are unique in that they do not live any poisonous animal or insect. So here you can experience the natural beauty safely. The islands are also lots of waterfalls.

One - The Sacred for local residents Bouma Falls - a place where they are filmed many of the scenes of the famous film "Back to the Blue Lagoon." The island is a real magnet for visitors for entertainment opportunities that the nature in Fiji. Also known as cannibalistic as Fiji is a colorful crossroads of the Pacific.

Unique holiday and many emotions Fiji attractions

The capital Suva is the largest island of Viti Levu, that means the large Fiji. Rich and unspoiled nature of Fiji will offer clear mountain streams and small waterfalls and rapids. In the thick jungle no major dangers and therefore the walk will be pleasant.

If you get tired waiting breezy meadows and delicious local food. For anglers can provide both caught at sea and freshwater fish from rivers in Nature in Fiji. For more travel attractions click here ...

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