The beautiful royal palaces in India

Palaces in India are one of the most beautiful and most visited landmarks in the former British colony. These palaces are scattered throughout the country, which in the past was divided into provinces. Each province has its rulers - Rajas who had high level riches and had the opportunity to live in luxury is in these palaces. India, this former British colony in Asia and all of us known for the most beautiful and graceful palaces ever built. On land India bordered by: Attractions in Myanmar, China, attractions in Pakistan, Nepal, Attractions in Bhutan and Bangladesh.

The architecture and style palaces in India of writing is unique as it is the biggest attraction for all tourists visiting the country.

First comes the most advertised and titled Taj Mahal Palace.

Called by historians "temple of eternal love", because the reason for its construction is the love of Emperor Shah Jahan, the most beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal him.

 Raj Mahal - located in the historic town Orchha, where every year thousands of pilgrims gather to celebrate this historic complex.

Most characteristic of this palace in India is its staggered balconies, cupolas and pavilions dome. Bookmark and Share

Palaces in India photo gallery

India Agra palase
India hawa mahal
India Jahangir Mahal
India jahangir mahal
India Jahangir Mahal
India Jaipur Jal mahal
India Mysore Mahal
India Musore
India Raj Mahal Orchha
India taj mahal

Jal Mahal - call it Jaipur Palace more water, because it is located in the middle of a lake in the province of Rajasthan. In the summer when the lake dries up you can see the three underwater levels, while reserved one floor above the water.

Here he spent his vacation King Madho Singh.

Mysore Palace - a magnificent 14th century castle located in the city of Mysore, combining historic architecture in this period, adorned with beautiful gardens.

Visitors to the palaces in India will be fascinated by the charm of ancient India.

Jahangir Mahal - perhaps the best preserved castle in India, with its impressive architecture, elegantly decorated marble facade and hanging balconies with delicate railings.

Palaces in India is located in Orchha and it collected eight palaces, inlaid with beautiful carvings.

Hawa Mahal - or known as the Palace of Winds.

Designed for women of the royal family. Built of red and pink construction materials arranged facades monitoring lavish processions along the main shopping street of the city of Jaipur.

Umayd Bhawan Palace - is a complex mixture of Eastern and Western influences of architecture at the beginning of the last century. Impressive dome, which rises in the middle of building 32 meters high, in Renaissance style.

Castle is the highest point in the area and has 347 rooms and rooms for guests and staff. Vidhana Soudha is located in the city of Bangalore and is used as the seat of the ruler of the region Karnataka. Vidhana Soudha broadcast shine and glory of Indian rulers in the past. All palaces in India with its architecture emphasize the richness and the luxury of Raji. If indeed you decide to visit the India attractions face of Vidhana Soudha let's night because Saturday and Sunday or a holiday a special light show.

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