Indonesian nature and national dishes

Indonesian nature is one of the best preserved of the Earth, because most of the islands are protected territory. In Indonesian kitchen are rice and thy hot tribute. Each area in the country has its own typical dishes and customs. For example, the inhabitants of island of Java like sweet foods, while those in West Sumatra love pungent.

Coconut milk is used in almost all dishes. From local spices like most lemon grass, garlic, coriander, bay leaf and others. One of the most famous dishes are "nasi goreng" - it consists of fried rice and can be found in almost every local restaurant. Indonesia is rich in fruits and vegetables - every town has at least one market, lined with an array of exotic fruits and vegetables. All these fruits and vegetables can supply by the rich and fertile Indonesian nature.

Indonesia is a country with incredible exotic beauty. Its land is rich in tropical jungles, beaches, vast rice plantations, towering active volcanoes in the heavens. This is a country that attracts us with an abundance of temples, rich culture and ancient traditions. Big cities in attractions in Indonesia are increasingly steadily pace. But the greater part of the archipelago remains untouched and hiding in your heart ancient cultures and virgin landscapes. Bookmark and Share

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Incredible Indonesian nature, beaches and luxury resorts

While most tourists head to the charming island of Bali, deserted islands and beaches remain out of reach of tourism.

And in the jungles of Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua have incredible wildlife that deserves to be seen. Situated on a large part of the Malay Archipelago, the Republic of Indonesia is located in southeast Asian tourist attractions between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Indonesian nature are over 17,000 islands, many of which are uninhabited. Most islands are mountainous. The highest point is Mount Jaya, towering on the island of New Guinea.

Located on the equator, Indonesia crosses an area with volcanic activity. About 400 volcanoes are located within its borders and at least 90 of them are active.

Indonesian nature are also a few scattered small lakes inside the country.

Population in Indonesia is the fourth in the world and first in size among the Muslim countries. Indonesian parts of Borneo and New Guinea together represent half of Indonesia's territory and is inhabited by only 12 million people.

However, Java concentrated 100 million inhabitants of less than 7% of the area of the country in four major cities - the capital Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Semarag. Another interesting Indonesian nature are Falls Madakaripura.

They are located near the village Sapih, area Lombang. Themselves are seven waterfalls, the highest is 200 meters high. The road to them is quite difficult because it goes several kilometers, sometimes crosses the muddy river. It is better to hire a local guide, because to reach the most beautiful and largest waterfalls Madakaripura will have to go into 4 smaller waterfalls. Bring an umbrella or waterproof jacket.

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