Beautiful and exotic nature of Madagascar

Nature of Madagascar is among the most exotic and preserved by human intervention, given the location in which it is situated - a crossroads of many popular destinations. Madagascar is one of the largest islands on Earth - the fourth after Greenland, New Guinea and attractions in Borneo. Because of human intervention, most of the island's soil is eroded and received red.

Therefore nature of Madagascar is called "Red Island". According to recent studies, Madagascar is the oldest island of our planet. Virgin place like attractions of Virgin Islands, that offers amazing experiences of tourists who dared to visit the extraordinary nature of Madagascar preserved for centuries.

Since the island does not have many predators, there are quite a variety of herbivorous animals. The nature of Madagascar has many protected species of monkeys, lemur and chameleons. Here in the past has been the ruin of many pirates and traders of spices.

Many researchers believe that attractions in Madagascar is a mini-continent, offering unlimited opportunities for research. Boababat's national tree island and attended the local legends and tales - culture in general in. Bookmark and Share

Nature of Madagascar photo gallery

Madagascar landscape
eroded soil in Madagascar
Madagascar countryside
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Madagascar amasing beache
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Madagascar rocks landscape
Madagascar amasing valey
Madagascar big waterfalls
Madagascar litle vilage

Important tourist routes in nature of Madagascar

The main attractions in Madagascar are the capital Antananarivo with preserved monuments and Nosy Be Island located 600 km from it.

Although  Nosy Be would be small, its beauty is extraordinary. There deserted beaches, and inside you will meet a variety of lemurs and birds. Careful with lemurs because they are very pushy and can scratch, so bring your bananas to feed them.

Lemurs  are  very friendly. Boating and scuba diving in the coral reefs is an additional attraction.

Unforgettable experiences in nature of Madagascar

The water temperature varies between 28 to 34 degrees. The island is ideal for tourism because it has luxury hotels and beaches is very interspersed palms. I recommend you to visit the dive center "Ocean Dream", waterfall Ambatuluake  and holy volcanic lake Andzavibe.

Other interesting places worth seeing are Toamasina port cities, Mahajanga, Morondava and others. They are very well preserved fortresses of the past, and mosques.

For nature of Madagascar are the largest protected parks boabab and limestone massifs near the town Morondava. Around Madagascar are scattered number of small reefs, lagoons and islands perfect for underwater sports.

Mountainous part of the island is volcanic in Tsaratanana massif, the best attractions in Madagascar, where the highest peaks. The slopes are covered with greenery. In other words Madagascar is real land of contrasts. Animals which inhabit Madagascar are slightly different from those of the continent of Africa. Since the island is separated, the evolution of these animals took place otherwise. We will not see anywhere lions and hyenas. The largest predator here fossa (very similar to a mongoose). It feeds on small game and birds. In the wetlands of Madagascar can still be found Nile crocodiles, which are almost exterminated by man. Go there, you will not regret it.

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