The attractions in Malta in the Mediterranean Sea

Attractions in Malta are some of the most beautiful and majestic in the Mediterranean, because this small country has managed to preserve the centuries its historical and cultural traditions. Malta, this small island in the Mediterranean, according to some tourists can safely walk through for three days. Geographically, the islands belong to landmarks in Africa, but cultural and historical Malta is close to tourist attractions in Europe.

Attractions in Malta are not a few. Let's start with the capital Valletta. The area of the city is about one square mile, but here are some of the most beautiful baroque buildings, palaces, squares and lanes. Be sure to visit the Cathedral of St. John made by project of Maltese architect Gerlomo Cassar.

Other buildings of architectural value are Admiralty House, Auberge de Provence and Fort St. Elmo. Mdina is another important attraction in Malta. This is the old capital, which is located in the center of the country. Population inside behind the walls is about 300 people. Bookmark and Share

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Malta Comino and the Blue Lagoon
Comino Blue Lagoon in Malta
Dwejra Gozo in Malta
Malta Ggantija temples
Malta Fort St. Elmo
Malta Ggantija temples gozo
valletta capitol in Malta
main port of Malta
sity Mdina in Malta
Ta pinu sanctuary gozo Malta

The most beautiful attractions in Malta

Interest to tourists are: Gothic cathedral "St. Paul" in Mdina, Vilhena Palace and Palazzo Falson. Gozo Island - a small island near Malta, only 30 minutes by ferry. Population is engaged in agriculture and crafts.

The main attractions here are: Ggantija temples, Citadel, Ta 'Pinu Sanctuary and the natural attraction Dwejra. Besides its historical value attractions in Malta are beautiful beaches and small secluded coves. There are rocky beaches and sandy beaches for every taste, suitable even for winter swimming.

The climate is mild, warm Mediterranean. There are many eco friendly hiking, since Malta's three islands are hilly. There are no high mountains, but at the expense of underwater tourism is a very high level. Warm sea water suitable for training beginners divers.

Historical attractions in Malta are very exultingly. Here were all the cultures of antiquity. Artifacts were found from before 3600 BC. Like Ggantija underground temple and Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. These are some of the oldest temples in the world and protected by UNESCO.

The third largest island that lies between Gozo and Malta called Comino. Its area is just one square mile, but the conditions are great family vacation. To the Blue Lagoon is a four star hotel that will satisfy all your requirements and reef suitable for snorkeling.

If you like to listen to music authority visit the Rotunda of St. Maria Assunta, which has one of the largest domes in the world and enjoy the sound coming out of the Mosta Dome. This is one of the attractions in Malta worth taking a few hours of free time.

Do not miss the Maltese cuisine. There are both typical seafood and European cuisine. Indulge in aromatic wines of Malta and relax in the evening coolness of the night. Visit the restaurants overlooking the sea and spend a romantic evening with a loved one.

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