Most beautiful attractions in Netherlands

Impressive and many famous attractions in Netherlands are among the favorites in Europe. They can be visited by anyone because they are easily accessible to every traveler.

Most lowland country in attractions in Europe is the Netherlands. Most people associate this beautiful nation with tulips and windmills, but if you have more time to explore, you'll find that in attractions in Netherlands  are many.

First is Amsterdam with its system of canals, architecture and world-famous museums. There are tourists who want to visit the Netherlands for relaxed laws on drugs and prostitution. For visitors who love nature can recommend national parks, which are about 20. Located in less populated areas to the north, east and west.

To experience the flavor of these landmarks in Netherlands's best to traverse by bicycle. The Dutch love the wheel and drive it every free time.

The administrative capital of the Netherlands The Hague, but tral largest city is Amsterdam. The town itself is located in a swampy area and through 165 channels  and 1,281 bridges and adjacent is a kind of island afloat. Bookmark and Share

Attractions in Netherlands photo gallery

Netherlands Castle
Netherlands Amsterdam Canals
Netherlands Amsterdam hotel
Netherlands Amsterdam
Netherlands castle De Haar
Netherlands Hague
Netherlands park garden
Netherlands port
Netherlands saba island
Netherlands Windmills Kinderdijk

The real attractions are the museums in the Netherlands. Explore the Van Gogh Museum, the Museum of the grass and the Museum of Sex. Do not miss the red-light district, and remember that taking pictures with a camera or camcorder is prohibited. Unique is also the Dutch built a monument prostitute.

Of course most architectural buildings survive today were built in the 18th century, as were previous wood. The best of the architectural attractions in Netherlands Nyue Kerk church and wooden house Haute Huis. Masterpieces of in the Netherlands Golden Age 1585-1672 year Dampleyn royal palace, and Zyuderkerk Westerkerk.

The windmills "Kinderdijk" are another attraction in Netherlands. Since 1997 in UNESCO. They are 19 in number and were built in 1740, it is best to check a mill inside. Ancient castles across the attractions Holland, the most famous and most visited castle tourists castle "De Haar." Located in the southeastern province of Limburg. Other castles like Muiderslot are much smaller than those in attractions in Germany and France, but very well restored and turned into museums. Do not miss out the Dutch cuisine, which is a variant of the Belgian and French castles and surely savor the Dutch beer popular in the country and neighboring countries.

One of the unique attractions in Netherlands overseas territories - Saba Island. Located in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles group and an area of only 13 square kilometers Island population is 1,000 people and tourists visiting the island for its volcanic character and coral reefs. There are 26 places for spearfishing and all areas are protected by law. If you want to know where they are the largest gardens in the world have come to the right place - Keukenhof gardens. Visited by 1 million tourists a year, and all the flowers are hand planted here. Located between the cities of The Hague and Amsterdam. Keukenhof translates to a vegetable garden and span a total area of 8 acres. Number of flowers is also an impressive 7,000,000.

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