Main attractions in New Guinea

There are few places in the world that have survived untouched to the present day by human activity and one of them are attractions in New Guinea.

New Guinea is an island state in the Oceania region and is located near the equator with the adjacent islands. The island is the second largest on Earth after Greenland and located north of Phenomena of Australia.

Port Moresby is the capital and also larger cities Madang, Lae and Rabaul. New Guinea has a unique nature, with most of this ecosystem is very poorly researched.

Hiking day trip through the jungle is simply indispensable. Other attractions in New Guinea that are available are surfing, scuba diving off the coast rifofe and touch the distinctive culture of the local population.

Like most tropical island of New Guinea has over 400 species of amphibians, 600 species of birds, 11,000 species of plants, some of them are the only in the world. Some scientists compare New Guinea "Lost World" because there live more than 100 species of mammals and 450 species of butterflies. Bookmark and Share

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The most typical Ğ°ttractions in New Guinea

On the slopes of the mountain in its Foggia located west of 300 thousand ha area is a protected area in which they found 20 species of frogs, five new species of butterflies and seven new species of palms.

This is a mythical world filled with many surprises and romance typical of the spirit of Indonesian nature .

Wonderful impressions with attractions in New Guinea

Years ago it was discovered a really beautiful bird, which was thought to be extinct - bird of paradise.

This is one of the main attractions in New Guinea, which tourists are eager to see and photograph.

Nature in New Guinea are warm waters and tropical climate are ideal for diving and the pleasant emotions of local culture, culinary and landscapes.

We recommend you to try local food, which covers and main product of the island - coconut.

There are frequent earthquakes events, so even the buildings in the capital are extremely low and lightweight.

As the population in New Guinea is pretty poor and illiterate, therefore crime is very high. It is difficult to list all attractions in New Guinea, but the country is among the first with the most caves in the world. They are quite galboki and branched.

Papua New Guinea is at risk seismic area in the world. There are frequent earthquakes. That is why there are so many volcanoes and earth neizgasnali much indented. Nature of New Guinea offers many cave springs and geysers, and deep canyons covered with lush vegetation and gorges. Here you can see endemic plants and mysterious animals.

Nature of New Guinea is one of the least studied areas in the world.

Scientists have yet to discover many unknown archaeological sites and objects from the history of this great island..

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