Amazing travel attractions on the Nile

Attractions on the Nile are many and varied, ranging from the delta and the metropolis of Cairo, continue south to the Valley of the Kings in Luxor and reach the southernmost city of Aswan and Edfu temple end. The African Nile River is 6,650 km long, which ranks first in the world in length. The beginning of Nile in Uganda and Ethiopia.

Historians say right here Emerge meaningful life of mankind. The river provides a livelihood for over Egypt, 2/3 of the agricultural products produced in the Delta.

The Nile is the oldest civilization left many monuments, the first of them are the Egyptian pyramids at Giza. In addition to agriculture, and the river is sailing only source of drinking Egypt. It is interesting to know, that the Nile has been frozen twice.

According to surviving documents from antiquity was written 829 and 1010 years. Very curious fact, which few people know about this. The best option to see all attractions on the Nile is by cruise ship.

This way you will feel the soul of the river and not get tired of the big distances. Ships are slightly different from our idea of ​​such a journey, as are river. They have all the amenities for the most discerning travelers. Bookmark and Share

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Aswan Egypt

Sightseeing and attractions on the Nile

Start from the Delta at Alexandria, and the first stop is Cairo. Do not miss a trip to the Citadel, which was built from the foundation of the city by the Fatimids. Nile passes through the Sahara desert and the next important stop is the ancient city of Luxor and the most interesting attraction Valley of the Kings.

It keeps the famous tomb of Tutankhamun, and the tombs of Tutmus IV, Amenhotep IV and Horemheb. The last stop on the cruise is the southernmost city of Egypt - Aswan and its major landmark temple near Edfu.

Cruise attractions on the Nile

It is the second largest church in the country after that of Karnak.

Its construction began in 237g. BC and lasts 22 years.

Repeatedly looted during the centuries of treasure hunters, but there are many ruins and ancient inscriptions in which the judge lives apo time. It is advisable to buy tickets for attractions on the Nile in advance Egypt.

It is best to travel during the months from October to April to avoid the summer heat. Visit Egypt, silent hell regret it and your expectations will be met completely. Do not miss the island of Philae on Lake Nasser, where was the unique Temple of Isis - the goddess of fertility and family.

Due to the frequent flooding of the island, especially after the construction of the dam near the island, it appears that this attraction Nile is seriously threatened with demolition.

In 1960 UNESCO decided to move all attractions on the Nile to the neighboring temple of higher island Agilkai. This sanctuary of the Egyptian goddess Isis was built in about 370 BC You have prayed for healing both Greek and later Roman pilgrims. The temple has been operating for almost two centuries after Egypt fell under the authority of the Roman Empire. Even the Roman Emperor Justinian decided to reorganize the Christian liturgies, but not destroy it.

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