The architectural heritage and attractions in Portugal

The rich architectural and cultural heritage with which attractions in Portugal is famous around the world makes it a preferred destination for tourists. Although small in area attractions in Portugal are many, ranging from medieval villages, ancient castles and palaces of past dynasties Portuguese. Nature of Portugal's really impressive - vast coastline, natural parks and an average high mountains.

To all this let me add lower service prices compared to other countries in the Eurozone, we can safely enjoy the sights of the country. The first sights of Portugal's capital Lisbon.

This is the second oldest city in Europe, after Athens, Greece. This is a picturesque and romantic city built on several hills on the shores of the Atlantic. Lisbon has many museums, aquariums, picturesque sea views and nightlife . Sintra - a mystical place with lots of hills, strewn with many palaces - the most famous of which is the Pena Palace. Its beauty is often compared with the palaces of Germany and in particular Neuschwanstein. Some are fabulous Pena Palace Park with exotic plants brought from the colonies of Portugal. Porto - the charismatic city in Portugal and the second largest in the country. Evora - city with the most historical attractions in Portugal, such as the Temple of Diana, Church of Sao Francisco Church Grass Cave Escoural and others. Bookmark and Share

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Cultural heritage Alcobaca in Portugal
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Cultural heritage in Porto

The most wonderful attractions in Portugal

This outdoor museum is under the auspices of the World Cultural Heritage List. Obidos City - known as the city of queens because he gave as a gift to future queens over 600 years. Surrounded by a fortified wall made ​​by the Moors, the whole city is a veritable museum. In Obidos  there's Santa Maria church, a castle from the 12th century, if you visit the city in November will witness the International Festival of chocolate.

Amazing tourist attractions in Portugal

Do not miss the bridge with Donna Marie Gustave - Eiffel architect, Rem Koolhaas - Casa da Musica, Clerigos tower Nicolau targeted or Serralves Museum - Siza Vieira. Alcobaca-largest monastery in Portugal in the Gothic architectural style, played an important role in the preservation of Portuguese culture and development. Visitors can see the cells of the monks made ​​their statues in baroque style. Monastery of Santa Maria in Batalha - one of the masterpieces of Gothic architecture in Europe. In front of the southern gate stands the monument of Nuno Alvares Pereira - Aljubarrota commander at the battle won by Portugal. The west entrance, which is mainly made ​​sculptures Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles, and the east end are seven chapels in which the first kings were buried.
City of Tomar - a charming historic town with a fortress of the Templars and their ALMOUROL "Covenant of Christ." The city can also check the church "Santa Maria Olival and Nossa Senhora DA Conceicao. Lagos and Sagres - small beautiful attractions in Portugal, settlements which would sail travels Portuguese explorers. There are great sailors taught navigation Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan.

Mafra - a real attractions in Portugal, famous for his giant-sized palace, which competes with the beauty and majesty of the Escorial in Spain and "St. Peter" in Rome. Built in 1717 on the occasion of the birthday of the daughter of King Joao V. Interestingly, in the construction involved 45,000 men and 7,000 troops. The funds for this development came from the gold mines of Brazil.

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