Landmarks of Puerto Rico in the Greater Antilles

So small and so beautiful island, there is hardly similar worldwide as landmarks of Puerto Rico. One of the most exotic destinations in the Caribbean is Puerto Rico. Island nation belongs to the United States, but has the status alone to manage.

Puerto Rico is located in the northeast Caribbean, and to the west of the attractions of Virgin Islands, east of the Dominican Republic. It can still assigned to the Greater attractions of Antilles, because it is the smallest island in this archipelago. Spanish island is known as "La Isla del Encanto" (Island of charm).

The capital and largest administrative center is San Juan. The population of Puerto Rico's 4 million people, are mostly Hispanics - 76.2% and 23.8% of English speakers.

Because of the nice sea climate and the constant average temperature of 28 degrees, Puerto Rico is visited annually by 2 million tourists, mainly from the US, Mexico, Canada and Spain.

Between Puerto Rico and Haiti attractions is the Strait of Mona, which is a reference to the Panama Canal. Bookmark and Share

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El Morro in old Puerto Rico
El Yunque cave Puerto Rico
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Red Point in Puerto Rico
Vieques island Puerto Rico
sun bay in Puerto Rico

Main landmarks of Puerto Rico

The most important sights of Puerto Rico is very beautiful beach with a length of 435 km. Fine, clean sand and unspoiled nature in the interior of the country is an attractive place for tourists.

For each person has something interesting, ranging from surfing in Playa Hig├╝ero or scuba diving in Playa Esperanza, to lying on the beach of Playa de Ponce. Just let me write the information that the greatest depression of the Atlantic is located here (Puerto Rican Trench).

Beautiful moments Among the landmarks of Puerto Rico

Depth is an impressive 8.4 kilometers and is located 116 km to the north. In Puerto Rico, there are several nature reserves with over 230 species of plants, 16 species of birds and 39 species of amphibians and reptiles.

Authorities in the country have tried growing tourism in recent decades does not interfere with the environment. There were 17 lakes and more than 50 basins including rivers.

The highest point is Mount Cerro de Punta (1,338 m), and land near the beach have been planted with coffee, bananas, tobacco, sugar cane and others. Population to feed livestock and fisheries. Here are some of the biggest attractions of Puerto Rico, which is worth a visit. Most likely, your first stop after you land the plane will be the capital of San Juan.

In the old part of the city was impregnable fortress Castillo San Felipe del Morro, which is built on a rocky promontory, to protect the citizens from pirates and nashestvennitsi. Visit the largest radio telescope in the world Observatorio de Arecibo. Here the film, GoldenEye.

El Yunque - this is the only rainforest in the U.S. and only 2 hours drive from the capital. There are several trails to visit the big waterfall and panoramic views of the surroundings.

And our last offer are the caves Camuy Caves. This landmark of Puerto Rico for people with adventurous spirit. You expect them deep ravines, underground rivers, mud and many exciting moments.

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