Kremlin - Attractions of Moscow and huge Red Square

One of the most beautiful and most visited landmarks in Russia attractions of Moscow. Dormition is the main church in the Kremlin complex, the first stone temple in Moscow and was built in the XIV century during the reign of King Ivan I in place of the former wooden church. Here is where they performed the coronation of Russian kings and the proclamation of the new metropolitans and patriarchs.

Another attraction of Moscow is the Cathedral Blagoveshchenskiy.It’s located next to the Grand Kremlin Palace. It is a church in honor of the Virgin Blagoveshtene. It was built in 1489, later rebuilt and upgraded. By the XVIII century was the maid of Church of the Moscow kings. If you love adventure and nature walks, do not miss the world-famous natural attractions in Russia.

It is the tomb of Russian presidents and kings until 1712, there are 46 graves. Over the last twenty years in Moscow have been occurring big changes, new buildings, churches and monuments were reconstructed. The biggest attractions of Moscow are the Kremlin and Red Square. They are an ensemble. Anyone who visited the city, says that the place is a must see in your stay in Moscow. Bookmark and Share

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Moskow Russia St. Basils Cathedral

The best tourist attractions of Moscow

The Red square is the central, largest and oldest square. To the west of it, it’s located the Kremlin.

On the south side of Spasskaya Tower is located the Basil Cathedral.

In front of the Cathedral, the monument to Minin and Pozharski and nearby is the historic Calvary place, where in the Middle Ages they pronounced
and executed death sentences.

The Cathedral Blazhenny Basil church is widely known monument of Russian architecture. It was built in 1555-1561 on the orders of Ivan Grozniy, celebrating the victory over Kazan khanate and the conquest of
Kazan and entered into a list of Universal Heritage by UNESCO.

Now he is a subsidiary of the State Historical Museum. The Moscow Kremlin is the most majestic landmark in the city of Moscow.

The word "kremlin" means fortress city and the name of the old fortified Russian cities, encircled by defensive walls with towers for the battles. The former attractions of Moscow are now considered settlements with their own Kremlin. It has become the common name of power, first in the Russian kingdom, then in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and now +- the Russian Federation.

The Moscow Kremlin is the oldest part of Moscow. It’s an irregular triangle viewed from above. Situated on the high left bank of the Moskva River - Borovitskaya hill and has an area 27.7 hectares. The complex has many cultural and historical monuments.

When we visited the Kremlin, we remained astonished: so many different things to see, interesting buildings, gardens, bells, golden domes and administrative buildings. Evening, just before the sun disappears behind the horizon, lift your head and enjoy the best sunset of Russian.

We really couldn’t pick what was the best there.

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