Seychelles Attractions - an amazing creations of nature

I do not know whether it is worth to talk in detail about Seychelles attractions, but one thing is certain, if you have the opportunity do not miss this incredible destination in the Indian Ocean.

The beach is located about 3 km west of Victoria and can be reached walking or by bus. The beaches in the south of the island are beautiful and secluded than the north.

The National Water Park "St. Anna" is comprised of six islands located a few kilometers from Victoria. Besides the wonderful conditions for divers the island is famous for its buried treasures and ghosts. Despite its popularity, you will not be disappointed by the rush of tourists.

Besides the endless beaches dotted with palm trees and excellent conditions for diving the islands surprise you with secluded tropical forests and various species of exotic animals.

If you dream of hot little paradise Seychelles nature are one of the places that you are looking to escape from the dark and cold. Sun and memorable trip worth it because the tourists from around the world is not to forget the Seychelles. Seychelles nature are one of the most amazing places on planet Earth. Bookmark and Share

Seychelles Attractions photo gallery

Seychelles Sandy Beach
Seychelles small Island
Seychelles beautiful lagoon
Seychelles lonely beach
Seychelles palms beach
Seychelles Le Jardin Du Roi
Morne Seychellois Seychelles
Seychelles coral island
parks Vallée de Mai Nature Seychelles
Seychelles rocky coral island

Most beautiful Seychelles Attractions

White fine sand caressing feet and turquoise waters washing the shores of this wonderful creation of nature.

Seychelles nature are an island nation boasts its 155 islands in the Indian Ocean northeast of the island of Madagascar. Neighbors of the Seychelles are equally popular and loved, these are islands of Mauritius, Comoros, Maldives.

Historical and architectural Seychelles Attractions

The capital is Victoria - located on Mahe island - this is the largest port and only city in the country. The Palace of Justice and post office located in the center rise intact since colonial times.

But most of the streets and buildings have been upgraded sit through 20 years giving the city a modern and clean appearance. In the center does not really many attractions, a few old houses is not enough to give an authentic Victorian atmosphere.

Perhaps most interesting is the Museum of Natural Sciences, whose collection is somewhat eclectic - skeletons of extinct Seychelles crocodiles, giant crabs, dried fish and many stuffed animals. But what should not be missed in the capital is the botanical garden.

A cafeteria is located among the many exotic flowers and near it is a wonderful garden with orchids. Beau Vallon - this is one of the largest and certainly the most popular beach on the island.

The sand is clean and free of many rocks. The waves are sometimes quite high but the platforms are placed in the ocean where you can relax while swimming. The main Seychelles attractions are its national parks Vallée de Mai and the Morne Seychellois island of Mahe. Here visitors will see all kinds of plants that are found in these latitudes.

The natural Seychelles attractions are numerous and the most varied. If you like museums can offer you walk in the Marine National Park and Natural History Museum. Historical and architectural attractions of the Seychelles include: Dauban Mausoleum, Le Jardin du Roi and the Bel Air Cemetery.

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