Cultural and entertainment attractions of Sicily

If you need to compare what are the most interesting attractions of Sicily, the leading importance of tourism are historical monuments. Immediately after the architecture followed the natural beauty of this great island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The island's population is approximately 5 million people. Extremely interesting to consider an island that has a long rich history. Palermo is the largest administrative and cultural center, and the smaller of it Catania and Syracuse. Sicily is a semi-autonomous region of attractions in Italy, and several smaller islands surrounding it.

One of the biggest attractions of Sicily, is the highest volcano whitch is attractions in Europe, Mount Etna 3320 m., which can be seen from very far away. If you wish side there are daily sea ferries to the neighboring islands of attractions in Sardinia and attractions in Corsica.

Tour of Sicily continues to Palermo. Important tourist and commercial center with many historical monuments of architecture. Cathedral of Palermo, rebuilt through the centuries and are therefore not only an architectural style. Bookmark and Share

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Wonderful moments of attractions of Sicily

Church of San Giovanni and its red domes, San Cataldo and St. Francis Assisi are Norman churches and the Palace of the Normans are the most interesting attractions in Palermo.

In southeastern Sicily Discover Noto and its ancient architecture in the old town. Although the great earthquake of 1693 that destroyed the city, the local population builds it again with even greater glamor to its present form. All the old buildings are protected by UNESCO.

Essential place to visit for tourists Segesta and tumbledown temple in Dorian style amphitheater near him. Located on a hill called by the ancient Segesta.

An interesting fact about the temple is that it never really finished and has remained to this day despite being past 2,500 years.

Family holidays with attractions of Sicily

North of Sicily are extremely beautiful Lipari Islands. They do not come into the world tourist destinations, but worth visiting. Firstly because of the active volcano on the island of Stromboli with height 924 m, rocky coast of the largest island of Lipari and Salina volcanic island with its highest peak is 962 meters, as well as Panarea Island.

In the central northern part of the island of Sicily is the small town of Cefalu, many famous cathedral square and the museum Mandraliscae. Third largest city, which should be at Syracuse.

This important tourist sites are: the Greek theater for 15 thousand seats, Ortygia, Temple of Apollo, the Temple of Athena and others.

For those of you who want to relax on the beach offering pleasant Mediterranean town of Taormina.

There are all the amenities for relaxation, palm shade, fine sand and clear warm seawater.

Leisure visit well preserved Greek theater, where to this day music festivals take place, the fortress on the hill from where a picturesque view of the surroundings.

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