The most beautiful bays and beaches of South Africa

The most beautiful beaches of South Africa have desired destination especially during the winter months in the northern hemisphere. Give yourself a wonderful vacation in the winter, when the northern part of the Earth's winter, but in South Africa it's summer.

Country South Africa is perhaps the most famous part of the black continent. The reasons for this are many, both by geographical, and political. For the many tourists who visit this remote destination can offer unforgettable experiences of the most beautiful South African beaches.

The country is very beautiful, but this magical pleasure is not for every family budget. This will give you information about the most beautiful and most visited beaches in South Africa.

Nature's Valley - This is a very nice beach, visited over the Christmas holidays, suitable for a romantic walk in love. During the months of November to March is guarded, but that should not stop you from visiting it, and at other times of the year.Bookmark and Share

Beaches of South Africa photogallery

Sandy Bay of South Africa
Brenton on Sea of South Africa
Cape Vidal of South Africa
Clifton beach Cape Town
beach summer of South Africa
Nature's Valley in South Africa
Sandy Bay of South Africa
St Francis Bay in South Africa
St Francis Bay South Africa
st. francis bay South Africa

Beautiful and unforgettable beaches of South Africa

In close proximity to the beach has many cool forest, where there are hotel complex

Clifton beach - probably the most popular beach in the southern hemisphere because of the proximity to Cape Town and the nearby scenery. The sand is very fine and white, and the sea view is great.

Behind the beach is very beautiful and large rocks.

The water is very clean, but very cold. Most people come here to get a bronze tan on your skin.
St Francis Bay - The beach is located in a very convenient bay suitable for surfers on windy days of summer. There are many great waves and the water is relatively warmer than the west coast of South Africa.

The beach is very clean, and inland there are many neat luxurious houses of the rich people in the country.

Spectacular beauty and magic of the beaches of South Africa

Sun City - call it more of beach fun. There are a lot of beach attractions, especially for the younger visitors, the pearl of South Africa.

Cape Vidal - Lovely sunny beach for fishing and underwater adventures.

This magical place is a favorite spot for ladies who want to sunbathe and swim in the warm ocean waters.

Most appropriate beach is near Hluhluwe.

Brenton on Sea - very impressive beach, especially in the off-season months. The place is very quiet, perfect for romance and love, especially at sunset. This is where you can suggest marriage to your favorite person.

Sandy Bay - our walk among the most beautiful beaches in South Africa ends exactly with this bay near Cape Town. The beach is visited mostly by fans of nudity and avoid them if you are not a supporter of this movement is better to wait cloudy and colder days.

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