Attractions in Switzerland - a clean well-preserved nature

The most important attractions in Switzerland are mainly related to the country's proximity to the Alps and the world famous neutrality of this beautiful European country. Switzerland, this so beautiful and famous country in the world, maintaining a policy of neutrality impress tourists mostly well preserved scenery and the Alps mountain range.

Bordered by most beautiful attractions in Italy, Germany, France and the most interesting castles in Austria, which have left their mark in both the language of the Swiss and of their culture.

Switzerland isn’t bordered by sea, but this is not a problem because the Mediterranean is only 150 km from the southern border.

The landscape of Switzerland's mountain peaks as snow is an all seasons. Here are some of the highest peaks in Europe, the world-famous Matterhorn - 4,477 m, Monte Rosa - 4634 m, Eiger and more.

Among the attractions in Switzerland can count the Aletsch glacier 23 km long. Bookmark and Share

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Switzerland Alps
Attractions in Switzerland Mountains
Switzerland engadin valley
Switzerland Lake Geneva
Switzerland Lake Maggiore
Switzerland Lausanne sity
Lauterbrunnen and Staubbach Falls in Switzerland
Switzerland Maggiore Lake
Switzerland Monte Rosa peak
Switzerland countryside

Global warming in recent years tourism has affected much of the country as snow and ice are shifted higher, and snowfall is much diminished.

This is why Switzerland is one of the countries that are struggling to protect the environment.

All amazing attractions in Switzerland

Swiss Alps are very well supplied with water. The jagged beautiful mountain slopes run down crystal clear streams in the foothills to gather in the fabulous lakes.

Visit Lake Maggiore, Lake Zurich, Lake Constance, Lake Geneva and beautiful small lake St. Moritz. The Swiss are small but cultured people - crime and illiteracy is very low. Do not miss the natural attractions in Switzerland The Rhine Falls.

The country home to many celebrities who have chosen Switzerland for lower taxes, enjoyable climate and peaceful life.

Include in your travel itineraries capital Bern, and many beautiful and famous for its historic monuments Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Lausanne and more. Do not forget to try the world famous chocolate worldwide, making hiking Factory Lindt & Sprungli. Here, besides tasting you live how to produce the sweetness of many children.

Switzerland is known for its watches, cheese and of course Swiss banks. Since the country is not a member of European Union and strictly observe marked their sovereignty and neutrality, so many people invest the money and their values here. Swiss cities are one of the best to live on Earth. According to recent studies, they are the most beautiful and arranged by your sense of security and freedom is guaranteed.

The Chillon Castle - perhaps the most famous castle among the tourist attractions in Switzerland. The reason for this lies in its location and amazing views of Lake Geneva. All buildings in the castle for about 100 plus a few dungeons and patios with beautiful gardens.

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