Most popular attractions in Syria

In the Arab world there are many interesting places to visit, as one of the most memorable are attractions in Syria. They have managed to preserve hundreds of years and tell the world of interesting facts and events of the past of this ancient country.

Syria, a country in Western asian tourist attractions, bordering countries such as attractions in Iraq, Turkey, Jordan and certainly attractions in Israel. Important to the economy of Syria's oil reserves are well developed tourism related, especially with its rich history and architecture. Here the Muslim religion is essential. This will feel it more when entering the country, in many mosques in every city. Major cultural and historical attractions in Syria are ancient monuments of architecture able to keep to this day in its greatness. The first major landmark in Syria is Krak des Chevaliers. This is an old medieval castle of the knights during the Crusades.

Built as the only barrier in the mountains between Turkey and Lebanon. Some historians do not accidentally identify Krak des Chevaliers as the most beautiful medieval castle in the Promised Land. The facility is well maintained and has 13 observation towers and internal moat. This fortress at the time was impregnable. Do not miss a walk along the 2 km long alley of the Apamea city which has on both sides Hellenistic columns from the time of Alexander the Great. Bookmark and Share

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Aleppo Syria Citadel
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Syria stronghold Krak des Chevaliers
Syria Palmyra ancient city
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Palmyra Syria Temple of Baal
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mosque umayyad Syria
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Favourite tourist attractions in Syria

Another very interesting attraction in Syria is a Umayyad mosque. Frequently visited by tourists and pilgrims place due to the fact that this magnificent mosque is located in Damascus - the capital of Syria. Against the backdrop of small streets and houses in the neighborhood mosque dynasty Umayyad soars with its beauty and magnificence.

This is the largest mosque in Syria. Be sure to visit the ancient city of Aleppo, the famous covered markets, the first such in the world. Aleppo city is located 350 km. north of Damascus and one of the biggest attractions in Syria is Aleppo citadel. Located in the center of the city on a hill.

Amazing cultural attractions in Syria

The castle itself looks quite impressive, it is believed that it was built 3000 years ago. West of the city of Aleppo is an interesting columns in Hellenic style, which was probably built for the market because of the nearby ancient road. 220 km from Damascus is also an interesting attractions in Syria - Palmyra city.

This city is mentioned 3 900 years ago by the name Tadmor. At the time, here convoys are stockpiling food and water, having paid taxes unbearable to go with it’s precious commodity on the Silk Roa. There are many remains of the greatness of this ancient city.

The city at that time was 200 000 people, about the same as it was Rome. In 1924, excavation works began to regenerate in the amphitheater and the Temple of Baal, and 1500 meters long colonnade (300 vertical columns) on the main road of the city of Palmyra. It is interesting to note the lack of modern buildings in this magnificent Syrian city.

This fact adds to the spirit of this ancient city. 100 km. from Damascus is another very interesting attraction in Syria, Bosra city.

The most famous attraction here is the ancient Roman theater, built in the late 2nd century AD. The theater has 15,000 seats, located in stepped rows 37 and 100 meters in length.

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