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The most popular attractions in Taiwan

If you need to distinguish the eastern culture and especially well-preserved historical monuments, it should certainly be noted incredibly beautiful attractions in Taiwan. The country is very beautiful and interesting for tourists from the Western world.

Taiwan is a very beautiful country with many interesting natural and geographical landmarks. It has very nice coastline, inside the country is mountainous. As the general population is Chinese, it is administratively under the influence of China attractions - its overseas territories. The natural attractions in Taiwan, you can add the mangrove forests and vast meadows that are found at altitudes above 3,000 meters.

The highest peak is Yushan - 3997 m., But Gholam part of the island is occupied by forests. Belongs to Taiwan Island Lanyuy or acquaintance to the tourists as "The Island of orchids" Pescadores Islands  and Matsu Islands. All these islands are very close to the main island of Taiwan. In fact, most of Taiwan landmarks outside major cities.

If you intend to visit this magical island, do not miss Yushan mountain - "nefertitenata Mountain" famous rock formations. Bookmark and Share

Attractions in Taiwan photo gallery

Taiwan chiang kai shek
Taiwan Village
Taiwan landscape
Taiwan Penghu archipelago
Taiwan panoramic landmarks
Taiwan skyscraper Taipei
natural sunset in Taiwan
Taiwan taroko canyon
Taiwan temple monument
Taiwan yushan peak

Amazing attractions in Taiwan

The whole mountain is a park where visitors can see many rare plant and animal species. For example, the freedom of the animals are still Asiatic black bear, Chinese monkey, goat and deer formozkiyat zambar.

For adventure lovers there is a real surprise - 19-mile Taroko canyon.

The rocks are of granite, about 200 million years, and through them run fast river, in which the waterfall Paiyang, which gives incredible beauty of the gorge. In the vicinity of Taroko is small and unassuming town Tiensyan - an ideal place to relax and walk.

Tourist destinations and attractions in Taiwan

The largest city on the island of Taiwan Makung city - a picturesque fishing harbor with a lot of open markets, Hindu temples and small luxury hotels. For lovers of Buddhist palaces in India festivals and parades offer Tainan town on the southwest coast of the island.

Daoists here every year thousands come to communicate with their dead relatives in the so-called East Mountain. On the islands of Taiwan Aborigines still retain their culture.

Located on a rocky island Lanyu and the tribe yaami. They live in very primitive dwellings dug into the ground to prevent frequent typhoons. They speak a strange dialect, and make their living mainly by fishing.

Administrative largest city in Taiwan Taipei and the tallest buildings - metropolis with over 3 million people, unfortunately crowded with heavily polluted air.

The second largest city of Kaohsiung, and to it about 1 hour away by car is the town Maolin. - Starting point for many hiking ekopategi area. If you like to enjoy the calm sea life, visit Penghu archipelago.

These are 64 small islands resorts offering a variety of Chinese food, seafood incredibly blue ocean waters and gorgeous sunny weather almost all year. The most favorable time to visit attractions in Taiwan and its islands is from late April to early October. Photos and travel guide to attractions in Taiwan can be found online here.

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