Attractions in Tasmania, important tourist routes

Very interesting attractions in Tasmania, which worthy to be seen by tourists, which have in the past sailors have admired the beauty of this wonderful island. Tasmania is located southeast of Australia which in the distant past was part of the continent. Today, Tasmania is separated from phenomena of Australia by the Bass Strait. Because of its remoteness from civilization and its late discovery by Europeans, the nature of Tasmania is very well preserved.

The incredible beauty of the Tasmanian forests, rivers and lakes can be sure by following 45 attractions in Tasmania. Let's start with a walk in the southern forests of Tasmania. Here is the way leading Tahune Airwalk long nearly 600 meters treetops.

Visitors can see the life in the forest from above without naruchavat tranquility of the forest inhabitants. In the northwestern part of the island you can see and feel how the local people live the healthiest life on Earth.

Since the land is fertile, you do not need human intervention.

It provides everything you need for a very high quality lifestyle without the chemistry of our time. Bookmark and Share

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Flora and fauna of Tasmania

All products here are clean, the people breathing the cleanest air on the planet consumed as fresh animal and plant foods. Tasmanian wild nature is best preserved in the southern hemisphere. In the northwestern part of Tasmania is the longest cave in Australia.

Be sure to do a cruise along the Gordon. Day trip on the river is very scenic, you will see ancient trees and incredibly preserved wild fauna of southern Tasmania. In the northeastern part of Tasmania is Mount William National Park. Here you will see the life of undisturbed kangaroos, and a little further south the heavily shells and bright quartz sand beaches. On the east coast of Tasmania there is a very interesting attraction Freycinet National Park - walk a kayak at sea.

Virgin beaches and secluded coves of the deep await you with impatience. Along the coast there are small towns that have preserved the spirit of the first settlers - mostly castaways whalers and fishermen. The atmosphere is authentic 100 years ago. In good will can make a two-day trip to the Tasmanian Peninsula, also known as "natural prison" .

Here are 8 interesting historical places that are worth seeing. First is the Port Arthur prison, which was established in 1830 in the prison of the worst offenders of the British Empire.

An adventure is to enjoy the surroundings of seaplane flight. The virgin and another interesting attraction in Tasmania is a Tamar River cruise. River Tamar is quite lush and fast, and the banks are steep and high, sometimes forming The virgin gorges.

Nice stop on your exciting journey is a city Hobart. Main sights are the Royal Botanic Gardens, the old women's prison in the city, Franklin Square, reasury Building and others. Visit Wing's Wildlife Park, you can meet all the plant and animal species that inhabit the island of Tasmania and especially so famous Tasmanian devil.

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