Top landmarks of Thailand

One of the sunniest destinations in Asia is Thailand. Neighboring countries with interesting landmarks are accordingly: attractions in Myanmar, attractions in Cambodia, Laos and attractions in Malaysia. Maybe you do not believe much, but ten day holiday including even very famous Thai massage will cost around 1,300 euros.

This is the basic price, which includes food and fees for visiting some of the sightseeing.

Prices for European tourists are quite low, which are gener

ally invaded in recent years.

If you have extra € 2000 you will have plenty for 10 days to visit the capital Bangkok and relax along the many landmarks of Thailand resorts of Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

On the island of Phuket can be closer to the traditions of the Thai population and to enjoy nature in this part of Asia. That's why you have chosen this destination, but if you want to be entertained by Europeans, then choose a visit to Pattaya and Chang Mai.

At these places there are golf courses, boat or motor yacht, even carting. Do not miss the beautiful island of Phi Phi. Bookmark and Share

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Exotic landmarks of Thailand, spectacular beaches

Do not miss the beautiful island of Phi Phi.  At this place is made grossing movie with Leonardo Di Caprio "The Beach".

At these landmarks of Thailand there are golf courses, boat or motor yacht, even carting. In Chiang Mai you optionally can ride elephants in the tropical forest, and witness the traditional tribal rituals.

In Thailand, there are remains of many ancient cities. Ayutthaya Old City, Chiang Saen, Kampheng Phet, Si Satchanalai and Sukhothai Old City - these are the Landmarks of Thailand, most of which are quite destroyed, but everything visible buildings of Buddhist monasteries and temples. Typical of ancient architecture of Thailand is rich decoration of the temple complexes.

Landmarks of Thailand are inikalnite coastal caves. Nam Bua Phi, Spirit Cave, Banyan Valley Cave, Steep Cliff Cave, Tham Hua Kalok, Tham Lod Cave, Tham Kaew Komo and Tham Phra Wang Daeng - These natural formations are many evidences of ancient people who inhabited these holes. There are well-preserved rock paintings on the walls of some caves, while others have even preserved burial coffins from the Iron Age.

There are many historical sites in this part of landmarks of Thailand. To compare prices and make your account transport costs can inform you that a return ticket from Turkey can be found at 550 euros.

Four star hotel for two, cost 40 euros per day and domestic transport Bangkok to Phuket would cost you around 10 euros.

There are many street agencies, which can be bargained for a trip to some landmarks of Thailand.

A good time for us Europeans is November - March. Then the temperature is high enough and the air is crisp and clear. Perfect for winter tourism, considering winter here in Europe.

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