Natural landmarks of Vanuatu islands

Very small country, but with many beautiful attractions in Vanuatu - a true paradise for the eye of the inquisitive tourist. The island nation of Vanuatu is located in the southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean. The previous name of the country was New Hebrides. Archipelago is 1700 km. east of phenomena of Australia, west of Fiji attractions, south of Solomon Islands and 500 kilometers from attractions in New Caledonia. In general, the islands are volcanic and coral in nature and are 82 in number, but about 60 are inhabited. Most visited by tourists are 12 and some of them are Espiritu Santo, Malekula, Erromanga Tana, Aniva, Futuna Aneytyum.

Area of ​​the island is prone to earthquakes, often raging typhoons and hurricanes. Republic of Vanuatu capital of Port Vila is located on the island of Efate. The population is a mix of Polynesians, Asians and Europeans are around 220,000 people. During the last years tourism has been the main occupation of the people of the islands, and the climate is humid tropical. Vanuatu archipelago is tempting attraction for tourists from around the world. Bookmark and Share

Vanuatu islands gallery

Tanna island Banyan trees
Benbow volcano eraptions in Vanuatu
Vanuatu waterfall cave
Erakor of Vanuatu resort
Resort in Iririki of Vanuatu archipelago
termal Lake Vui penama vanuatu islands
Crater volcano in Vanuatu
Vanuatu island Mount Benbow
Siri Falls of Vanuatu islands
Volcano landscape in Vanuatu

Amazing attractions of Vanuatu islands

Unique culture of the population, magnificent beaches, coral reefs and tropical forests are a magnet for lovers of something romantic and unusual. The islands offer plenty of entertainment for a truly wonderful holiday in exotic of the Pacific. The main attractions are the volcanoes of Vanuatu, 9 are active. Some craters are naked and empty, but started down the hill rainforest. Often the surrounding volcanoes pouring acid rain that killed all life in the area.

In the area between the islands Shefa, Epi and Tongoa is underwater Kuwae volcano. In 1452 it was the last eruption and destruction in the region are catastrophic. Tourists can see the surface of the ocean where the crater is large yellow spot and bubbles of hydrogen sulfide. Another active volcano located on the island of Tanna - Mount Yasur. Its height is 361 meters and the lava erupting for several centuries without interruption. Do not miss the beautiful cascade of waterfalls in the jungle on the island of Efate. The water comes from beautiful Lake Letas and down the 120 meter  Siri  waterfall. For fans of the caves offer a visit to the Blue Cave.

It in a beautiful way the sun illuminate the cave entrances.

Another interesting attractions of Vanuatu islands  is the Banyan tree on the island of Tanna. Years ago, some people have lived in the trunks of these trees, which have a total circumference of 50 meters. Around these natives dancing on holidays. The islands are hot thermal lakes and rivers (Takara and Lake Manaro Lakua), which are almost sterile. They are found in virgin rainforest and around them can find many interesting and rare species of endemic plants such as orchids.
Another interesting attractions of Vanuatu islands  is scuba diving. After a little training and using breathing apparatus ready to visit the most popular underwater attraction in the world - in 1942 the sunken passenger liner "The President Coolidge". Forthcoming your exciting and well-preserved details of the interior and equipment of the ship underwater, sunk by an American mine...

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